Ben Affleck as Batman Fun Reactions On Twitter

Well i hope they come out and say SURPRISE !!! We were just messing with ya all ! but sadly that won’t be true.

News that Ben Affleck has been officially cast to play Bruce Wayne aka Batman in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel sequel hit Twitter by storm last night, spreading instantly all over the world and evoking some of the most heated reactions and discussions we’ve seen in a while.

The actor who gave us Daredeviland Gigli is going to be the next Batman? Thinking about that too much can make your head spin, which is why it’s best to kick back (and relax until 2015 when the movie arrives) and enjoy the fun responses that have poured in.

Well that’s the end of the cool Batman as we know it and now same will happen to it what Tobey did to the Spider-Man.


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