Best British Detective Show’s


1. Sherlock Holmes ‘Sherlock

Undoubtedly the best Detective show of its time without the bling and bigger then life characters, The script is brilliant actors are well put and the Production well-sorted only one word comes to mind after looking at it .. Kudos,

London’s first and finest detective is ferociously intelligent, staggeringly patronizing, yet somehow still lovable and admirable. If writer Steven Moffat, the latest to bring Conan Doyle’s archetype to the screen, can make sense of Benedict Cumberbatch beating death at the end of the last series, it’ll match the finest intellectual coups of Holmes himself. But the success of ‘Sherlock’ proves that the best characters should make sense to any audience of any age.

2. Dangermouse ‘Dangermouse’

With an eyepatch, a flying car, and a theme tune proclaiming him the fastest, the greatest, and the best, DM had to be here somewhere. So what if never managed to nail his nemesis, hoarse-voiced toad Baron Silas Greenback? He saved us from a vampire duck, a dragon called Jones, and serpentine supervillain Mac the Fork.

3. Jane Tennison ‘Prime Suspect’

That Helen Mirren’s DCI is the only woman on the list is an indictment of screenwriters and commissioners alike. But it’s hard to think of another London woman who has been a truly memorable copper in her own right, as opposed to a sidekick or a foil to a bloke. Too bad, as Mirren is unforgettable over the show’s 15-year run, depicting Tennison’s journey from ball-breaking trailblazer to the defeated alcoholic veteran.

idris elba

4. John Luther ‘Luther

This show is another contender of the detective best show and Britain has to offer and must say it, it won’t let us down yet 2 seasons in and still going strong and our craving for more of that accent and brute of a Detective
His catchphrase is: ‘Something’s not right.’ And it’s the very wrongness of Idris Elba’s troubled DCI that makes him so formidable. Luther’s demons are palpable thanks both to Elba’s almost comically tortured turn and the extraordinary levels of collateral damage during his cases. Expect friends and colleagues to get another rough ride when he returns for a final series this year.

ripper street cast poster

5. Edmund Reid ‘Ripper Street

Stoic, gifted, and struggling with a difficult past, Matthew Macfadyen’s Victorian policeman is the latest addition to our list and an amalgam of his predecessors, all the way down to the bickering sidekicks, skeptical boss, and copycat killer. Television’s well of maverick lawmen who don’t play by the rules shows no sign of running dry: our fictional streets, at least, are safe for a while longer. ‘Ripper Street’, Read More.

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