‘Godzilla’ Poster Reveals the Biggest-Ever Godzilla

Godzilla Poster

 The new poster gives us one of our best looks at Godzilla yet, though what’s most striking isn’t the creature’s design but his sheer size. He towers like a lizardy colossus over his target city of San Francisco, easily twice as big as its tallest building, the Transamerica Pyramid — and, as that skyscraper stands at 48 floors, that makes Godzilla himself about 100 stories high.

The film as being highly relevant to today whilst also exploring the original themes of nuclear experimentation and fallout, and also summed up the story as mankind messing with Mother Nature, prompting Mother Nature to put mankind in its place.

Godzilla‘s always been rather large. But now he’s, like, really rather large.

Via Yahoo

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