Luther Season 3

The best detective show we have seen in recent times after the BBC’s Take on Sherlock.

It’s still a long wait for the new season but this show always worth the wait and in-screen gold of production capacity.

If you haven’t seen the previous season’s yet it’s a very good time to see it now or re-run the show if you have seen it originally

Because I’m leaving to see it myself the previous 2 seasons 😉


There has been heated debate about actor Idris Elba taking over the role of James Bond in recent weeks but today we have just good news regarding the actor.

Fans of  Elba and BBC One€™s dread-soaked crime procedural Luther has reason to rejoice: After some months of speculation and grinning hints from Elba himself, the network has officially confirmed that DCI John Luther will soon return to London’s grimy underbelly for season 3.

BBC One posted a video announcing that the new series (the UK term for TV seasons) of Luther will begin shooting later this month. Though the announcement does not set an absolute release date, it’s safe to assume that the four perfectly dark, chillingly-formed€ (gotta love that over-the-top pulp spirit) new episodes will air sometime in 2013. Luther follows the life and unsettling adventures of Detective Constable Inspector John Luther, a brilliant (and slightly unhinged) London homicide cop. Over the course of two previous seasons, Luther has solved many a deranged murder case while repeatedly failing to cope with his own personal demons. Only through his steel-trap mind, a knack for choosing the right friends, and sheer determination has Luther managed to avoid discharge and death. Now it looks like he i€™s about to start the whole gut-churning cycle over again. 

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