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amazing spiderman 2 electro

jamie foxx newyork electro

amazing spiderman 2 electro

New Photos of Jamie Foxx has appeared on the Screen Crush Network where he is in new york and this time around his face is glowing with the LED studded hoody and looks drunk in one of them or maybe not, He looks cool with his glowing LEDs and he will be the kick-ass supervillain in the movie, Spider-Man movies are getting cooler.

What FOXX has to say about his character :

It won’t be green and yellow. It will be a different color. They (the producers) want something for the future. They want to have it more grounded and not as comic book-y, so it won’t be green and yellow. They want to try new things, like a liquid rubber and things like that, and there are all these bolts and stuff in my arms when they are hanging me upside down and trying to figure out what happens. How did he become this way? So, it will be some new stuff.

 Previously Surfaced Jamie As Electro Pictures

jamie foxx as electro

amazing spiderman 2 electro

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