SHERLOCK Coming Back in January

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SHERLOCK Coming Back in January

At last Sherlock season 3 will be back to amaze us and we can enjoy clever witty lines of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman along with him as Dr. John Watson.

Sherlock is set to premiere on January 19th, 2014!

The third season will include three new 90-minute episodes of the contemporary reinvention of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle classic, which was created by Steven Moffat (Doctor Who) and Mark Gatiss (Game of Thrones).

The clues for this season are Rat, Wedding, and Bow, and Moffatt has said that the first episode focuses on the reverberations of Sherlock’s return. The second episode sees Watson get married, and there’s a hilarious best man’s speech from Sherlock. Not sure what happens in episode three, but that season two ending was quite the cliffhanger, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

The episodes are titled “The Empty Hearse” (January 19), “The Sign of Three” (January 26), and “His Last Vow” (February 2).

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